The North Carolina ABC Officers Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of ABC Officers from the state of North Carolina. The Association’s mission is to:

  • Organize ABC Law Enforcement Officers of the State of North Carolina into a body so that there is assistance between the officers of the cities and counties having ABC Law Enforcement Officers.
  • Form a closer relationship between the ABC Officers of the cities and counties of North Carolina.
  • Discuss mutual problems and policies which affect the enforcing of the ABC laws and Controlled Substance Act in the cities and counties having ABC Law Enforcement.
  • To promulgate and influence such state legislation as within our power that will assist and improve laws relating to North Carolina General Statute Chapter 18B.
  • To encourage that application of the highest training and ethical standards in the enforcement of laws entrusted to us as Law Enforcement Officers. 


NC ABC Commission

.state seal

Chapter 18B

alcohol bottles

Chapter 90-95


ABC Officers Association Board

President: Wayne Long, Mecklenburg ABC Board –

Vice President: Michael Calvert, Greensboro Police Department –

Secretary: David McCoy, Mecklenburg ABC Board –

Executive Secretary: Scott Broadwell, Wake County ABC Board –